The development of Taiwan's machine tool industry began in the 1950s during the recovery period after World War II. Most of the major machine tool manufacturers are located in Taichung, and the collaborative system is spread throughout the four central cities. The complete industrial chain has gradually taken shape in Central Taiwan with the development of the industry, becoming the world's unique tool machine industry cluster. In the 21st century, Taiwan's machine tool manufacturing has moved into the stage of high speed and high-end machine tools, and has become the top 5 exporters and top 7 producers in the world.

In 2007, the then chairman of the Taiwan Precision Machinery Development Association, Mr. Edward Yang, called for the establishment of the association dedicated to the machine tool industry in order to unite the strength of the industry and enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry. With the great efforts of the members of the organizing committee, Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessories Builders' Association (TMBA) was established in Taichung in October 2007, combining the strengths of hundreds of manufacturers across the country.

The establishment of TMBA symbolizes the unity of the machine tool and accessory industry in Taiwan. The association plays the role of a communicator between the government and the private sector, and hopes to fully integrate and utilize various resources, leading the industry to be based in Taiwan and connected to the world, moving into the next era together!


TMBA's members can join below 10 committees by their interest:

  • 1 Machining Center Issue committee.
  • 2 Turning Center Issue committee.
  • 3 Forming Machine Tool Issue committee.
  • 4 Non-traditional Machine Tools(EDM, Laser,…,etc) Issue committee.
  • 5 Multi-Tasking(/Integrated) Machine Tool Issue committee.
  • 6 Grinding Machine Tool Issue committee.
  • 7 Functional components Issue committee.
  • 8 Raw Material and Processing Issue committee.
  • 9 Transmission component Issue committee.
  • 10 Accessories & Hardware Issue committee.


  • to Facilitate the Development of Taiwan Machine Tool Industry
  • Governmental Assignments
  • to Assist in Developing Overseas Market
  • Industry Statistics and Market Research
  • Members Communications
  • to Organize the Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS)

Words from the Chairman

As the impact of the US-China trade war on the global economy continues to expand, global machine tool consumption has declined month by month, and investment willingness has become conservative. Under the dominance of the two major economies for the redistribution of global trade benefits, only by strengthening our own strength will we not capsize in the big waves. Facing new challenges in the global economic and trade environment, cross-industry dialogue and creative turbulence are necessary. In the future, we will focus on five major tasks:

  1. Strengthen the mutual communication between the industry, the government and the media, so that the government and the public can better understand the contribution of the machine tool and precision component industry to the national economic development, and then support the sustainable development of the industry.
  2. Strengthen technology and talent cultivation, plan think tanks, and recruit seniors with rich technology and business experience in the industry to pass on to the new generation of aspiring machinery industry to enhance combat effectiveness.
  3. Actively promote the government to accelerate the construction of large-scale international exhibition halls in central Taiwan in order to assist industry to expand the international market.
  4. Suggest the government to allocate the budget to assist public and private vocational schools to replace old equipment. By releasing business opportunities to inject living water for domestic machine tool makers, create a win-win relationship for government, schools, students and enterprises.
  5. Preparing for the permanent TMBA office, uniting the engagement and belonging between member companies and TMBA staff.

As the chairman of Taiwan Machine Tool and Accessory Builders’ Association, the same as the helm of the industry, in the future, I will consolidate the engagement of the board members and the staff of TMBA, and assist member companies to break through the industrial dilemma. Machine tool builders fully sprint in the domestic and overseas market, while the precision component manufacturers play the role of the best logistic support. The two sides fight side by side to the new blue ocean of industry.

Fifth President Wen-Hsien Hsu